17Feb26 I’ve been busy (part 2 – Art)

Phew. Jeez, my computer was icing over there, for a while.

I believe the phrase is ‘It was touch-and-go’. Okay.

Yeah, so this is going to be several posts to get through all my research and work since last time. When it’s all done, I’ll come back to each part here to insert labelled links and organize everything. *eye twitches*

Luckily, this first video of the new post is actually a pretty big influence on me since I watched it. Lineless style / flat(ish) cartoon-y is so very different from my usual aims-to-be-hyper-realistic-anime style. Not that I can quite pull off either one just yet.

I have my own chunky / chubby style, cuz that’s how I look! I’m not fat or thin. I’m just me: flabby, round, and cuddly.

When I was a kid, my mom taught me (or perhaps I heard it elsewhere) ‘chi-chis’ (Spanish? Prob not Boricua / Boriqua) for the fat rolls on one’s side.
That’s ‘chee, chee-z’, like cheese, but you say the first part twice.

I have an American East Coast accent, but I really like how Nick says ‘doing’. IDK why, it just sounds so bouncy and fun. Canadian, maybe? Like, some weird Australian? I know nothing of accents, honestly. Oh, yeah, but his tips on tightening up speech segments and leaving sections of pauses between segments are really awesome.

[Content Notice: Next link is not only NSFW, but the thumbnail is a collage of various creepy or scary imagery. I suggest scrolling all the way down, then scroll back up slowly until you reach this text again.]

Junji Ito is the epitome of this creep you tf out, scratching your skin for days, haunting you philosophically by preying on innate impulses to not ignore that Something Is Not Right. I love it. I want to be able to draw stories that delve into people’s minds and carve out their souls. I want to unnerve people with grim, inescapable realities.

NSFW link, nor really the thumbnail, actually. Sorry! I’ll have put this section with space above and below for squick-factor. Personally, I love horror and being skeeved out! Like, I like scary shit. It’s great. Really interesting and I love trying to figure out why it’s scary, or how other people’s reactions differ from mine, and where that came from. I like feeling invested in some poor sod’s nightmarish conundrums.

[Content Notice: Previous link is not only NSFW, but the thumbnail is a collage of various creepy or scary imagery. I suggest scrolling all the way down, then scroll back up slowly until you reach this text again.]

Now, onto the next one. This one’s not so much about art in general, but I find it a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of publishing and creative works in an inherently exploitative industry. I mean, aren’t they all, under capitalism?

I write that as a fond fan of Bleach, from the first introductory season (probably soon after seeing classic or now possibly cliché Death Note, I have many thoughts on that anime) to the part where they left the town and it all went weird.

I mean, crunchyroll didn’t have *have* those episodes, one or two of which actually were completely integral to the plot, ffs. Then I saw the crucial parts, then skipped over the personally-offensive (nothing truly repulsive about it to most people, I just F*~~~~~~**ing hate the gag short-attention-span style for that whole (was it ‘Karakura Town Heroes’ or something?) segment. Hated it with a passion.

But anyway, I got to the end with the … Fullbringers? Or whatever and it was just so blase, terrible, no-stakes, awful, uninteresting, cruel to the fans, cruel to Tite Kubo (altho I got a horrendous impression off his mid- to late-work from the manga. My bad, having seen this video. His earlier works looked *gorgeous*), and an insult to anime fans if not everywhere, then most-where.

Urgh! *Anger and frustration out of love and longing*

This seems like a good place to split posts, actually. See you in the interim!

17Feb25 I’ve been busy (part 1 – Art)

Too many links on the dancefloor! Too many links (NSFW link, but funny).

Hmm. I want embedded videos, but I don’t want an overloaded post. Or, like, super long. Argh. Okay, right, well, let’s try grouping them by ‘Actually Art Related’ and ‘Stuff wot I like an shiz’. I think AAR is gonna be super long anyway, but less long at least. ‘SwIlas’ will be bite-sized. Also Bitesize is an awesome BBC site for kids to learn from. Go through it at people. Make them leeeaa~rrn (learn)!

Be mature. Most people (probably) have mammaries. Fat deposits on chests naturally, just deal with it. It makes sense to know how to draw such globules of mass.

I can’t remember, I don’t think I was paying attention.

So. Pretty.

Er, can’t remember again. I think something about strands, grouping, and gradients?

So. Wonderful. And Lovely.

Cute cute cute forever. I love Yuuike so much. I think they were one of the first artists who inspired me to keep practicing, actually. Not totally sure, though.

Ah! Monster post! This is crashing my computer. Or possibly just the internet browser. Either way, I’ll write a proper dissection of my viewing habits in a coming post (later tonight)


Clean-up Post

a post to clean up my blog homepage. Some links and a contact form for suggestions or information requests.

Definitive post about my art and how to get more: this link here.

I’ll try to keep the “please feed meeeee!” to a minimum on here. Right now, there will be an influx of similar things while I set up the blog properly. I plan to upkeep content in the same style as this last post.

Thanks for visiting! I wish you the best, warm person.

Mx Dozana

More internet shenanigans

[Excerpt: I posted a TypeForm link https://mxdozana.typeform.com/to/B5Yy3o and talked about upcoming art plans, with references and links for a call-to-action.]


I’ve made a typeform, link above, and I kept it short and sweet.

Much like this post!

Thanks for reading,
Mx Dozana

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17Feb10 Onward to New Adventure!

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my birthday and anniversary:
After watching a bunch of art videos (links at the end), I decided to start probing my art horizons. What tf does that mean?  Continue reading “17Feb10 Onward to New Adventure!”