Did I mention how terrified I am of humans and selfishness? Cuz it’s a lot.

Also I’m an immigrant, disabled, not cis, and chronically ill. I’m fucked.


I’m catsitting our family cat, so art posts (what few have existed during this latest batch of ill health) will be even more seldom (infrequent).

But yeah. Life is not fun recently.

Thanks for Reading,
Mx Dozana, of Mx Dozana Art

If, by chance, dark energy could be used to build the first warp drive,

and if, again by chance, this dark energy was also what was powering the exponentially expanding (observable) universe,

Then would we be able to slow or halt the (observable) universe’s expansion by using the dark energy as fuel (to stretch and squeeze space in a bubble around spaceships) to warp to distant places?


In which different kinds of survival skills are discussed. Being able to navigate PIP and ESA are a hell of a set of survival skills! Also how to produce art or varying media, how to record your screen as video into .flv, .avi, .mov, and convert to .mp4, or self-publish and promote online!