Why Aren’t More Trans People Denouncing Truscum?

via Why Aren’t More Trans People Denouncing Truscum?

And while we’re at it:





I’m slowly trying to get back into doing art stuff again after 3 moves in just over a year, fighting the DWP on two fronts (ESA and PIP), and trying to keep a job in food service  —
because really, wtf else can I do with a BSc Physics 2:2 and student overdraft and credit card debt?

But anyway. Yes, I should really restart the process to get an NHS mental health support something-or-other. Again. Thank you Tories for defunding the NHS.

I s2g I am trying to cut short my ranting. I’m just so angry all the time!

I’d say ‘peace out’ but it’d be a bit hypocritical from someone chronically not at peace,

Mx Dozana


The NHS is amazing and we all need to support it


NHS FTW (comprehension notes are at the end)

I just finished my physics degree!!

I have no idea how because I only (finally) received my AD(H)D diagnosis a few months after graduating (thank you selfish, impulsive Tories – /sarc)

Open University has accepted me onto their MSc Science, as I squeaked by with a 2:2 – their minimum direct entry requirements 😅

Duloxetine withdrawals are hell and I cannot describe the immense buoying of mood and mental flexibility after changing from antidepressants to AD(H)D medication.

My goal is to study how medical institutions work, and use this to educate people and change the medical establishment for the better. I want more empathetic, holistic, person-centred and evidence-based medicine. And I want it to be accessible to everyone and free at the point of use!

So basically Clement Attlee and [will add other dude when I find his name: Aneurin Bevan] are my role models / heroes.

The NHS history (1948-1959) – NHS England – NHS Choices



Aneurin Beva and Clement Attlee are babes. Real MVPs. Leg(ends)! http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/nhshistory/Pages/NHShistory1948.aspx

For screen readers and non-fluent English speakers: 

FTW can mean any of “for the win”, “fuck the world”, or “for the world”. I have no idea which use is most common at the moment, so I generally use it as an emphatic assertion of the preceding statement.

AD(H)D is Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; 

2:2 or 2(ii) or “two, two” is a (Higher Education) university degree classification, which is below a 1* for “starred First”, 1 for “First Class”, 2:1 or 2(i) for “Upper Second Class”, and above a 3rd for “Third Class Honours”, and Pass which is also called an “Ordinary (non-honours) Class” degree.

‘Babes’ usually refers to conventionally attractive people, by means of sexual, romantic, platonic, or otherwise compelling traits. (Here, I’m using it humorously to imply that their achievements, in improving social responsibility and increased welfare and wellbeing, confer interpersonal reputation – to the point that they can be considered individually attractive.)

MVP is the acronym for Most Valuable Player, referring to gamers who contribute most impact to individual or recent matches in video games.

Legend / leg (“lej”) is colloquial for people who are impressive, noteworthy, imitate-able, and / or historically influential and beneficial.

I love people and don’t want them to suffer

(it’s a Medium article. If you’re unsure: the full link is at the end of this post, for clarity.
Yes, I know it’s not “Medium, therefore always trustworthy”, but then… nothing is.
I don’t want to buy in to the “Everything is untrustworthy so follow what your government says” bullshit.
All I can suggest to you is to be mindful of your sources. Really pay attention to their stated motivations, and consider what their likely motivations could be.)

I used to hate people. I was the curmudgeonliest misanthrope, stewing with misbegotten rage and seething with contempt for everyone and everything.

I didn’t understand music, art, effective altruism (think of the phrase “I want to make a difference“. The difference – compared to inaction – is the effective part. Altruism is doing something for others to improve their wellbeing or reduce harm), empathy, consideration, future-oriented thinking, or any joy more complex than “I am watching anime”, “I am playing a [single-player] video game”, or “I am petting a cat.”

And it wasn’t because I was autistic. In my opinion? It’s because I was bullied for being autistic. I was alienated, dismissed, harassed, discriminated against, and victimised – repeatedly – in roughly that order.
BUT, while I might once have ranted about the injustice of it all, naming everyone in turn an idiot or an asshole,

Someone once told Young Me that I was always complaining about how everyone was either ‘an idiot or an asshole’.
And, I mean, being super-reductive about it, you could make an argument for the ills of the world being due to either ignorance or malice.
(“Are you incompetent, or are you malicious?” is a hell of a loaded phrase XD)

I’m gonna consider (over-?) reductionism a cognitive bias, for now. But more about those tomorrow! Well, in a bit for me, but you folx will see it tomorrow.

It bothers me to see people upset. I feel called upon to do what I can to help fix it or at least remedy some of the effects. Perfection in a physical sense doesn’t exist, but ‘better’ is always an option, and that’s my daily goal.

Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoyed it! ❤

Mx Dozana, of Mx Dozana Art

Full link, as promised: https://medium.com/@agenda4humanity/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-uns-agenda-for-humanity-42b89fc5c9ed


19Apr17 Still here, alive, and linking


Thanks to the ever-extraordinary NHS. I went to see the Crisis Team last week because I was looking up methods to end my life. Bar one less-than-supportive or understanding GP, everyone from my therapist to the Crisis Team person was great. Took me seriously, understood where I was coming from and why I felt so awful, and followed simple, practical procedures to care for me professionally.

So vote out the party that is dismantling and starving the NHS of funding, as well as the creeping privatisation that has done so “well” for the railways, electricity, and telecoms sectors.


Go, register. If you need a postal vote, then go get that sorted. We need you.

The picture is from when I tried to donate blood, but my veins were too deep that day. Apparently it varies?

Thanks for Reading,

Mx Dozana

17Apr10 This is not going to be a happy post.

I don’t have the energy to write properly.
So just TW for anxiety, depression, suic*de, and all that “good” stuff.

And if anyone CAN find the article where the government dude encouraged poor and / or disabled people to kill themselves, please do send it to me. I want that shit on blast. This is not acceptable.

Links for context:







I’m around a 7 or 8 on this scale, too: http://natashatracy.com/mental-illness-issues/suicide/scale-suicide-suicidal-you/

Been sliding down for years. And Tory gutting of both mental and physical health provisions to line their pockets in the name of “””austerity””” and “””We’re all in it together””” has not helped.

I just… I just.


Mx Dozana

17Mar21 Update: I forgot about Cognitive Biases

Damn it.

Damn human brains and their damn biological faults!


After writing the facebook status in my last post,
someone in one of the groups to which I’d cross-posted

(rightly) pointed out that humans need more than
a lossely-defined concept of ‘marginalisation’

to band together under,

or to agree that
(because of said concept)

support needs to go to others
who are in ‘more need’.

Here’s a radio programme I intend to listen to at some point. IDK when, tho. Some point! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01phhb9

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you have been somewhat enlightened by this as I have,

Mx Dozana

17Mar20 Here’s another short post. Also anime

EMBRACE the AD(H)DCombined type, people. Embrace it.
Also yes, I was indeed working on the Majora’s Mask video, but this computer
(my partner’s, very graciously allowed to use it!)
is a bit old, and a bit damaged, and I’m still trying to figure out how to make it not crash MovieMaker or OpenShot every two clicks.
Srsly, only a recent problem, but yes, I am working on it! Tried defragging it, after deleting some old art and uni files to clear space, closing all other programs… nuthin’. Ran a malware scan, nuthin’. Argh.

Also here’s a post about politics: https://www.facebook.com/DevonRocker/posts/10155270370702125

Here’s me, currently (apparently):https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2?ec=-8.13&soc=-7.9

Here’s a UK-centric article from the quiz authors from 2010: https://www.politicalcompass.org/ukparties2010. Greens bug me, tho. WEP all the damn way.Here’s a BBC Programme about evidence-based politics.

And now for the anime round-up.

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