17Apr01 Quickshot Art and Mail List

Hey, so I updated my mailing list – I didn’t just forget I had one and only write the first campaign now, what chu talkin’ about?

But also I got some art done. The 32x video should be up in the next few days
(I wanted a quick vid / project – since the gender intro vid is gonna be complex and require more planning than I’d thought.
I tend to get bogged down in details and overwork sub-tasks without considering the overall effect.)

ESA / JSA / money for food and rent and whatnot is still unresolved,
and my donate link is https://paypal.me/MxDozanaArt.

If you want art for your kindness, my e-mail is MxDozanaArt@gmail.com
so hop to it (i.e. let me know what you want / when, etc).

Thanks for Reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Mx Dozana, of Mx Dozana Art


Author: mxdozana

Autistic Physicist Artist AD(H)D'er. Person who lives in the UK. I am anxious, depressed, was dx'd OCD as a kid but who knows if I still meet the criteria now. I like anime and video games, as well as cats, Zelda, Elder Scrolls, science, neuroscience, math, linguistics, art, cats, music, and cats. ... Cats are my thing.

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