17Mar19 I HAVE AD(H)D-Combined type!! Also art

I can finally say that. I got my diagnosis of Adult AD(H)D-Combined Type, yesterday! I get to start meds soon, and I’m really hopeful for the effects it should have on my organisation, forgetfulness, atypical energy levels, lack of drive, and other impairments in my daily life.

Here’s an art thing I’ve been working on:


Also I did an H Pylori test and correctly identified the taste-able citric acid (‘tastes like orange juice’) in the tablet between sample-takings.

Thanks for reading! I shall write a proper post soon

Mx Dozana, of Mx Dozana Art


Author: mxdozana

Autistic Physicist Artist AD(H)D'er. Person who lives in the UK. I am anxious, depressed, was dx'd OCD as a kid but who knows if I still meet the criteria now. I like anime and video games, as well as cats, Zelda, Elder Scrolls, science, neuroscience, math, linguistics, art, cats, music, and cats. ... Cats are my thing.

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