17Mar02 I’ve been busy (part 6 – YouTube)

Here’s my latest video on YouTube. Let me know how I can improve! What did you think?

A quick Speed Paint of Erin and their bunny. Erin’s autistic, and bunnies / rabbits are their fixation / obsession / special interest.

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Video description

copied from the video above:

“Sorry about the sound levels! I’ll play around with the settings again next time. I hope the transcript and on-screen cues make up for it ^^;

Here’s a quick digital painting of Erin, and their bunny rabbit.
I go through some thoughts on composition, including finalising line work, detailing painted areas to maintain image sharpness, and lighting.
Lighting especially is important for giving your subject context i.e. knowing where the subject is in space, be it indoors, outside, or a fantasy environment.

Thanks very much for watching! Let me know what you think with a comment.
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Beginning to 00:03 Erin and the bunny
Digital Painting from start to finish, in one-sixteenth of the time
00:04 to 00:11 Let me know what you think!
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00:16 to 00:23 How do you make art? Is it visual, musical, tasty, fragrant, physical?
00:26 to 00:35 At this point, I should have realized bunnies are wall-eyed, and do not look just like “a cat with long ears”
00:55 to 01:03 There are a couple of different ways to fill in large areas.
I went with the easy ‘glob it all in’, then cleaned up after.
01:07 to 01:13 Although, I should really stick to using a hard eraser for trying lineless, cartoon, cel-shading, or flat coloring.
01:13 to 01:17 64 times faster than the speed of… average human perception!
01:17 to 01:24 How do you customize your brushes? Do you stick to one style, or do you change it up?
01:24 to 01:27 Fixing up their hair
01:30 to 01:37 I stopped and came back to it.
I feel that this fresh perspective really helps work out prior issues.
01:38 to 01:45 Also, we’re back to sixteen times regular speed, now.
02:03 to 02:10 Comment with your art tips, habits, and more!
I wanna hear your thoughts.
02:14 to 02:21 Silly weebl reference here because why not.
02:23 to 02:30 I forgot there was a rotate canvas button
02:33 to 02:40 It’s not like I forgot or anything.
02:44 to 02:51 Comment! I want to read your miiiiind, people
02:56 to 03:03 Here I fall back into old habits, and give up the lineless look
03:34 to 03:41 I desire to learn from ye.
04:07 to 04:14 I had no idea what color I wanted the rabbit at this point.
04:35 to 04:42 Layers, mate, you’re givin’ me ajada here.
04:51 to 04:58 Speckles. Speckles everywhere
05:08 to 05:15 And now…
To ma nga -ize everything!
05:10 to 05:17 Comment. Comment like the wind.
05:21 to 05:26 I wanted realistic lips and skin and stuff, but wasn’t sure how to do it. (weh!)
05:36 to 05:43 Their eyes cloud over. Usually, I get glazed-over eyes.
05:45 to 05:52 Textured brush, for the cool muscles in the iris
05:58 to 06:02 Here, I start playing around with layer filters and modes.
06:23 to 06:30 I realize the line art doesn’t match the style anymore
06:31 to 06:38 ‘Subtle changes,’ multiplied by ‘many’.
06:48 to 06:55 Very thin, very light or transparent pen for detailing.
Otherwise it ends up looking blurry and over-blended.
07:09 to 07:16 Somewhere around here, I decided I wanted a spotlight background.
07:17 to 07:22 Although… it doesn’t match with the lighting. Mmph!
07:26 to 07:33 Let me know what you think!
Comment below: How do you compose a piece?
What media do you use, and why?
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07:36 to 07:40 Let me know what you think!
Those discussion points again were:
How do you compose a piece?
What media do you use?
07:40 to 07:43 Don’t forget to like and favorite this video, and subscribe to Mix Dozana Art for more
Thanks! I follow back, yo
07:43 to 07:50 Mx Dozana Art

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Thanks for watching! Have an awesome day

Music: [NCS Releases], courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds

Start 00:00 to 03:21 is Tobu – candyland

03:20 to 07:29 is Itro & Kontinuum – Alive

07:29 to 07:51 End is NAIMA – Let Me See You


Author: mxdozana

Autistic Physicist Artist AD(H)D'er. Person who lives in the UK. I am anxious, depressed, was dx'd OCD as a kid but who knows if I still meet the criteria now. I like anime and video games, as well as cats, Zelda, Elder Scrolls, science, neuroscience, math, linguistics, art, cats, music, and cats. ... Cats are my thing.

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