17Feb10 Onward to New Adventure!

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my birthday and anniversary:
After watching a bunch of art videos (links at the end), I decided to start probing my art horizons. What tf does that mean? 

Wide Face Girl[A cartoon-proportioned person stands with their arms down. They are wearing a t shirt and ironed trousers, with a polka-dot scarf around their neck loosely. Their face is very wide from eyes to chin, with short straight hair framing their upper head.]

Means I’m trying new things, like in my Art GCSE where my teacher told me I’d never get better at drawing guys without… shocker, drawing guys. So I’m going to try to draw new things, line them with different techniques, and color them with different settings (since I went almost entirely digital about a year or two ago).

This past few months have been stressful and straining beyond compare (in my memory, at least). Just this past fortnight, I changed employment and heard of a bereavement (unsure of the exact date).

Here’s to new beginnings!

Timmy had a fat gut
[This is a anthropomorphic (humanized) version of my cat, if he were a character in Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land. He was a very fat cat, and as cats have no concept of gender, I adorned human!Timmy with a short skirt and caplet / cowl. Because that’s what characters in that game wear. (Seriously, go look it up! They’re all at least half-naked.)]

Now for the YouTube links

These first two YouTube links are from the same person: LavenderTowne. YouTube recommended me them one after t’other, as I’d had one on my Watch Later list for quite a while before then.

‘Cure to Same Face Syndrome’ is from H.C.Brown. They’re very funny, but use NSFW language (cursing) in the video, so please use caution if watching near young people or people who don’t like cursing.

Bonus video on how to draw curly hair. Saw this one a while ago.

Go get ’em!


Author: mxdozana

Autistic Physicist Artist AD(H)D'er. Person who lives in the UK. I am anxious, depressed, was dx'd OCD as a kid but who knows if I still meet the criteria now. I like anime and video games, as well as cats, Zelda, Elder Scrolls, science, neuroscience, math, linguistics, art, cats, music, and cats. ... Cats are my thing.

4 thoughts on “17Feb10 Onward to New Adventure!”

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    1. Erm, well hi to you too. Uh, what’s up with your keyboard? Sorry if you’ve got Parkinson’s or something- I’m just wary of spambots abusing open comment sections.

      You seem like a real person tho? And from what I can tell, you like my posts? So thank you very much! My ability to work on them properly is variable af at the moment and in general, but an attempt is always made.

      What up?


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